ID 26

My name is Artsakh

This project is a book in the style of graphic design the author of which is Diana Abrahamyan․ Diana has been studying in this field for a year and at the same time she works as a coach at the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies.

ID 24

Rabbit breeding in Stepanakert

The initiator of the project is the Badasyans’ family, who used to live in the village of Taghavard of the Martuni district before The Artsakh War and were engaged in agriculture. Their son Arman has appropriate skills in rabbit breeding. He had almost 100 rabbits and was selling them in the local market.


Support for the Ministry of Health of the RA

To overcome the current challenges in the field of healthcare The “High Technologies and Strategic Planning Center'' fund provided some medicine, given by the NGO “Homeland, nation, purity”, to the Ministry of Health of Artsakh. In order to provide the population with safe, effective, and high-quality medicine, the provision of medicine was carried out involving relevant specialists from the Ministry of Health. The Fund will spare no effort for the continuation of charitable programs. If you want to support Artsakh, contact us.

Material support from Diaspora

The “High Technologies and Strategic Planning Center” fund was provided with material support by the members of the “Homeland, Nation, Cleanliness” NGO, headed by Malvina Mkhchian. The given support will be handed over soon according to the territorial distribution of the displaced compatriots, in cooperation with the heads of the administrations of the given regions.