The “High technologies and strategic planning center'' fund, is a system designed to solve the post-war problems of Artsakh, the humanitarian mission of which is to restore the shattered social and economic reality of the state and to help our displaced compatriots to build their future in Artsakh, including them in various realistic and innovative programs.

The main directions of the Fund’s activity are the organization of educational programs of high technologies and its investment in the development of Artsakh's economy, financial support of business ideas, as well as the implementation of non-commercial and State projects.

The idea of the Fund is realized through the platform ahimnadram.com, where the presented projects can be financially or materially supported by our compatriots throughout the world, as well as by foreign representatives, who are willing to invest in the recovery and development of the economy of Artsakh and to build a secure future for its people by avoiding the expulsion of Armenians from Artsakh.

After the heavy losses of the Artsakh War in 2020, it is high time to raise the wounded Artsakh with united forces and help its children to live with dignity in their homeland.