Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy regulates the use of your personal information on our website (High technologies and strategic planning center - «Our», «HTSPC»). It describes the information we use and stores about you: it helps you understand your rights to use the website.

Your data are collected, processed by the laws of the Republic of Artsakh, an internationally recognized practice.


Confidentiality of data

Your information provided to us is considered confidential and can be provided only in partnership with HTSPC Foundation unless otherwise specified.

You agree that your name may be published in connection with a donation published on our website as a donor unless you specify that you wish to remain anonymous. 


Personal data collection

We can collect and store the following personal information if you use our website.

1) Personal information provided by you: e. E-mail, name, surname, telephone number

2) History of contributions you made through the website, projects, and areas  in which you made a contribution through the website;

3) Sessions of use of your website, such as IP addresses, geographical location, web pages that you visited before accessing our website.

4) Correspondence with us (e-mails), if available.

We don’t keep your payment card on any of our servers. We use SSL encryption to protect data transmission (for example, your payment information and geolocation). We also offer secure access to our website via HTTPS protocol.



The website uses cookies, which are small files that are stored on your computer’s hard drive and used to collect certain information about the history of your website visits. This is usually done based on anonymous information. You can opt out of cookies, but some features of the website may be unavailable to you in this case.

The website uses Google Analytics services and Google Maps provided by Google. These services in turn collect information during your use of the website.

For more information about cookies and Additional information, see our Cookie Policy.


Purposes of personal data collection

We collect your personal information to ensure the work of our website, to make your use of our website comfortable and safe. You hereby agree that we may only use your personal information for the following purposes:

a) normal operation of the website;

b) acceptance of donations made by you, provision of relevant information about them;

c) evaluation and improvement of the quality of our website as well as our activities;

d) verification or communication of information by telephone or e-mail, if necessary;

e) send news if you have subscribed to our regular e-mail (you can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of the letter).


Your rights

You can apply at any time to delete your data, prohibit the collection of your data, or change your data.

If you have any complaints about using or collecting your HTSPC personal data, you can file a complaint by contacting us at․