Rabbit breeding in Stepanakert

ID 24

The initiator of the project is the Badasyans' family, who used to live in the village of Taghavard of the Martuni district before The Artsakh War and was engaged in agriculture. Their son Arman has appropriate skills in rabbit breeding. He had almost 100 rabbits and was selling them in the local market.

After losing their settlement and business because of the War, now Arman lives in Stepanakert with his family and wants to continue the business, proving that the spirit of the people of Artsakh is inviolable and they will continue to live and create in their homeland.

The hero of our project has all the necessary knowledge and skills to develop this branch as an experienced rabbit breeder, who has already engaged in rabbit breeding for 4 years.

Continental Giant (Risen) and Californian species of rabbit have been selected as food animals. These rabbit species adapt rapidly to environmental conditions, have high immunity, and are capable of rapid reproduction in a short period (3-4 months) giving 60-65% live weight (1.8-2.4kg).

The aim of the project is to increase the number of meat products in the local market and include rabbit meat in people's daily diet, as it is one of the dietary and healthy types of meat.


The amount required for the project implementation includes the following costs:




Price /AMD/

Amount /AMD/




10 000

100 000




100 000

200 000


Feed /kg/



164 700


Other expenses



35 000




499 700

For detailed information feel free to contact the Fund.


Required Amount

499700 AMD

Raised Money

502500 AMD

Material Assistance




Thank you for supporting this project. Updates on the implementation of the project will soon be available in the Monitoring and Report sections.