ID 43

Financial assistance to the Stepanakert Central Military Hospital

On December 10, 2021 the “High technologies and strategic planning center” fund initiated a telethon under the motto “Stand by Artsakh”. During the telethon, the collected funds were used to finance business and non-commercial projects, as well as to establish business ties with various organizations that are ready for long-term cooperation. One of them is the American Armenian National Security Institute (AANSI), one of the main objectives of which is to promote the sovereignty, independence and defense of the Republics of Armenia and Artsakh.

ID 42

“Disappearing” instruments

Cultural heritage and creative potential play a significant role in the life of each of us. They speak of the quality of life, create harmony, unity and solidarity among people. Thanks to its centuries-old history, Artsakh has huge cultural potential. The student of the Music college named after Sayat-Nova Tadevos Edigaryan wants to contribute to keeping and developing this potential. He also teaches at the Hadrut Art school which currently operates in Stepanakert. The lack of instruments is an obstacle to proper learning of students, as music skills require painstaking and long-term work. According to Edigaryan, the traditional musical instruments of the Caucasus region such as tar and kamancha need special attention, because the usage of these instruments is fading in the nowadays cultural life. Therefore, having students who are interested in mastering the mentioned instruments, he wants to give them an opportunity to continue their learning process with individual instruments by the virtue of supporters. By supporting culture, we promote the development of the national value system of the society and raise interest in traditional instruments such as kamancha and tar which are considered “disappearing” instruments. The amount required for the implementation of the project includes the following costs:

ID 41

Agricultural greenhouse

The initiator of the project is Narine Kocharyan who was displaced from Shushi and now lives in Stepanakert because of the War unleashed by Azerbaijan against the Republic of Artsakh on September 27, 2020. Before the War, Narine and her family had a small greenhouse where they mostly used to cultivate green varieties. Having lost everything she created in her hometown of Shushi, nevertheless, she has a great desire to re-establish her family business.

ID 40

Sewing workshop in Stepanakert

The beneficiary of the project is Astghik Petrosyan, who was born and lives in Stepanakert. She is an economist by profession, however, she has been engaged in sewing. The aim of this project is to set up a sewing workshop in her hometown, which is her long-cherished dream. Any work done with love always brings success. For that reason Astghik decided to set up her own workshop, which ultimately has all the prerequisites to expand. Thus, the basis is laid for local products, which, in turn, will contribute to the development of the economy. After the Artsakh War of 2020, more than ever, it is time to deny Turkish production and replace it with clothes made in the homeland. It is planned to produce an assortment of high quality, versatile, fashionable and comfortable clothing for women. The newly created brand will appear under the slogan “Be a star yourself”, offering to the consumer clothes similar to imported goods. Initially, the product is planned to be sold in Artsakh, but as a result of business expansion, it will be possible to present it both in the Armenian and international markets.

ID 39

Swimming pool in Martakert

Karen Andryan who is the beneficiary of the project lives with his family in his hometown of Martakert. Participating in the Artsakh Wars, he honorably defended his hometown and does not intend to leave it. The beneficiary of the project has his own territory in Martakert, with a total area of 0.12 ha., and a swimming pool in an unfinished condition.

ID 36

Equipments for the Art School

We introduce to you The Art School named after Hakob Gyurjyan in Stepanakert where 425 students attend. There are various types of art classes, such as song and dance groups, drawing, a drum, a clarinet, etc. Every year they participate in various international competitions, represent Artsakh with honor and are granted awards and certificates of honor.

ID 35

Studio Join Artsakh

Join Artsakh project presents a media service that will carry out advertisement and marketing activity. The project includes two products: information, cultural, cognitive studio and FredomBoard social platform. The aim of Join Artsakh is to provide a direct and permanent connection between Artsakh and the International Community.

ID 33

Quail farm

Sasun Avetisyan, the initiator of another project, lives in Stepanakert. He has been engaged in various sectors of agriculture for many years, as a result of which he decided to set up a quail breeding farm.

ID 28

Bakery in Tsakhkashat village

The author of the project is Anahit Kasyan, mother of four children, who currently lives in the village of Tsakhkashat of the Askeran district. Anahit is going to set up a bakery in the community of Tsakhkashat.