Quail farm

Sasun Avetisyan, the initiator of another project, lives in Stepanakert. He has been engaged in various sectors of agriculture for many years, as a result of which he decided to set up a quail breeding farm.


Animal husbandry in Shosh community

The initiator of the project is a resident of Stepanakert who has been engaged in animal husbandry for more than ten years. The aim of the project is to expand the existing animal husbandry business and provide the local market with high-quality meat and fresh dairy products.


Bakery in Tsakhkashat village

The author of the project is Anahit Kasyan from Shushi. Before the War all her goals and hopes were related to her hometown, but as a result of the severe consequences of the Artsakh War of 2020 she has now settled in the village of Tsakhkashat of the Askeran district.


My name is Artsakh

This project is a book in the style of graphic design the author of which is Diana Abrahamyan․ Diana has been studying in this field for a year and at the same time she works as a coach at the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies.


Animal husbandry in Berdashen village

The initiator of the project is a resident of the village of Berdashen of the Martuni district Arayik Hayrapetyan. He intends to set up a family business, which is cattle breeding and dairy production.


Rabbit breeding

The initiator of the project is the Badasyans’ family, who used to live in the village of Taghavard of the Martuni district before The Artsakh War and were engaged in agriculture. Their son Arman has appropriate skills in rabbit breeding. He had almost 100 rabbits and was selling them in the local market.


Modular house

After the Artsakh War in 2020, one of the main priorities of the State is to provide our displaced compatriots with decent conditions. Losing their settlements, our displaced compatriots, however, did not lose their homeland, where they want to continue living and creating.


Guesthouse in Stepanakert city

One of the most important issues we face after the War is the development of Artsakh. Creating favorable conditions for the lives of our compatriots living in the diaspora as well as foreigners, this program gives people an opportunity to enjoy the holiday in the hospitable atmosphere of Artsakh.


Poultry Farm in Shosh village

The village of Shosh is one of the settlements of Artsakh, which took the full difficulties of the War. As a result of the fighting, most of the agricultural areas of the community have come under the control of Azerbaijan, creating serious problems for the population of the community.